Handmade Mushroom Swap

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I decided, on a whim, to join a Handmade Mushroom Swap run by knitsonya. The aim is to create 5 handmade mushrooms in any media and send them to Sonya,  who will then send back five mushrooms from other participating crafters. I love mushrooms and have the beginnings of a collection of them, so I had to join!

I’d been in meaning to make some larger clay mushrooms for a while, so decided to stick with that for this swap. To save a bit on clay and baking time I made the general shape in aluminium foil and wire, then layered the clay over it.

Progress - sculpting

You’d think such a simple shape would be easy to do, but it’s so hard to get the parts smooth! In the end I had to settle for some bumpiness and hope that it would add ‘character’, heh.

Progress - Painting
Progress - Painting

After spending almost an entire weekend sculpting, baking then painting these guys, I finished them just in time!


They are now making their way to the US via airmail, and will hopefully arrive in time for the swapping. There have been some incredible designs posted in the Flickr group for this swap, I can’t wait to see what I get back!


  1. oh em gee!! Chisa! 8D
    I happened by your website from submit css, then I saw the link to your blog. Do you still make profiles on Gaia? Out of curiosity XD

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