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Welcome to the new ChiGarden! After two years with the previous design it was definitely time for a new one – more fresh, more colourful and more streamlined.

The Design

For this design I wanted a bigger emphasis on using type, colours and solid CSS techniques to create the layout rather than using bajillions of images. There’s still quite a few in here, but I think the result is much cleaner and more streamlined than before. I also wanted to promote the other sites that I have: my portfolio,; my photo blog, Pikku; and my wedding planning blog, Getting Hitched. I couldn’t do without having any characters in the design at all, so I’ve used some simple vector illustrations to symbolise each of the websites. Eventually I’ll be putting in something similar (though smaller) in each of these websites so it’s easy to navigate between them.

The Content

I’ve also decided to leave behind my blog archives and start completely afresh. My ideas for this blog tend to change every so often, so there were major inconsistencies and lulls over the past few years of posts which have built up. I’ll be reposting some ‘vintage ChiGarden’ to bring back some posts I thought were useful to keep, but apart from that I’m looking forward to having a completely new start. I’m sure this is probably a no-no for some SEO reasons, but I’ve decided it’s worth the sacrifice.

From now on this blog will be more of a creative blog, detailing my numerous projects and experiments with some geeky stuff thrown in. Expect to see some drawing, sewing, cooking, painting, photographing, building, growing and other fun stuff in the future.

Geeky Bits

  • Still running on WordPress
  • Fonts: Helvetica (titles), Georgia (body text)
  • Background textures based on ones from
  • Social networking icons by Komodo Media
  • Illustrations, graphics, design and coding all done by yours truly


  1. Hi Theresa!
    Your re-design is very cool, but I admit too that I prefer the old one ! ^ ^
    This one is very great, but the design style is less personal I think… (but more in the actual web mood !)

    Comments look is great !

    And I was asking myself (because i’m just re-designing my blog now) – and I’m not good as you in html/CSS – if I can use the font I want for the article’s title ? Or if I have to take an html basic one ?

    Thanks if you can tell me ! if you don’t have time, it’s ok, I understand ! :)

  2. Aww, that’s a pity ^^; I agree it’s less personal, but I feel this presents the content better.

    For any text on a website to display properly, it needs to be installed on the viewer’s computer – which is why you have to stick to ‘web safe fonts’. One way of getting around it is using a text replacement script, like Cufon. Good luck!

  3. wow! very cute design. i like the icons and the footer. :) i would agree with the the previous comments though, i miss the tree. but very nice work nonetheless. :)

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