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One of the favourite things in my kitchen is the breadmaker. The Boy and I have been baking basic wholemeal and sourdough loaves for the past couple of months, and I love the baking smell that fills the apartment.

I did have my first complete fail loaf today, which I’ve figured out was due to incorrectly measured water.


To make up for it, I attempted to make my first fruit loaf – which turned out beautifully!

Fruity loaf

I’ve been a bit hesitant to stray from the most simple kinds of breads so far, but I think now it’s time to start experimenting! Any suggestions?


  1. You rang? :D
    Since you’re already making wholewheat, sourdough and fruit loaves, how about pizza dough? Also, I have a recipe for pandesal, which is a sweet, white dinner roll from the Philippines. Both of these recipes only need the breadmaker to knead the dough.

    Pandesal recipe here:

    Pizza dough recipe:
    500g flour (try 1/2 white, 1/2 wholemeal)
    10g salt
    1 tsp yeast
    300ml water

    You should have a “pizza” or “dough” setting on your machine, just put everything in and let ‘er rip :D

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