Freelancing Tips #1

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There is life outside your apartment.

Or house, or office. If you work from home as I do, it’s far too easy to become a hermit because you sleep, eat and work at home. This isn’t particularly healthy, especially as most of that time is sitting in front of a computer. Try and go outside at least once a day – go for a walk, buy groceries, go to the gym, meet up with friends or colleagues. Fresh air and human contact does wonders for physical health, mental health and creativity. So if you’ve gone a few days without leaving your home or speaking (out loud!) to another human being, GET OUT THERE.


  1. Definitely agreeeeee. You suffocate yourself creatively if you don’t get out there every once in a while. Even if there’s a bazillion deadlines and everything seems like you HAVE to sit in front of your computer and just get it done, it’s so much more refreshing for the creative mind to just leave it alone for a bit and ‘sleep on it’.

    Ahhh the things you learn after being frustrated design project after design project at uni.

  2. I love your tips!!! So true!!
    I find that if I start the morning off with hitting the gym with a friend, I’m more likely to get more done. It’s like an automatic pep, and you do feel like you get more accomplished!

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