Freelancing tips #2

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Have a ‘working time’ symbol.

When I first started freelancing and was reading all these articles and books about different ways of going about it, one thing that came up often was changing your clothes for work at home as you would for a day in the office. I tried this at first, but after a while it just seemed pointless – especially as it was the middle of summer and jeans and t-shirts just wasn’t as comfortable as pyjamas. Seems to work for plenty of people, but not for me.

What’s important isn’t getting all dressed up – it’s having a symbol that you are ‘at work’, whether it’s a change of clothes, designating a particular room or computer just for work, putting on your computer glasses, tying up your hair. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to take much time or money or be uncomfortable, as long as you know that it signifies working time.

What do you do to signify the start of your working day?


  1. I actually just started my ‘work’ time but it’s turned into ‘let’s look at Teresa’s blog’ time. I normally walk away from whatever I was previously doing that wasn’t work-related so that I feel as if I’ve had my ‘break’, then have my pen and paper and organiser ready and put away all the non-work related stuff so that my desk is in ‘work mode’.

    Sometimes I change out of pyjamas and into casual clothes, but never jeans — you’re right, that’s definitely pointless! Today it’s just too cold to get out of my PJs though.

  2. Love this! And so true.. there needs to be a symbol. I’m with you on being super comfy while working, so I stick to lounge clothes. Sometimes I put on a special playlist thats to get me motivated, and I always go to my little office area :)

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