Giant Lego Storage

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I LOVE lego. As kids my brother and I had a massive bucket of bricks that mum bought secondhand from markets and garage sales – we could probably have built a fort if we so desired. At the time I wanted nothing more than the huge lego pirate ship. Good times.

So when Sefie pointed me to these giant lego brick containers, I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I love how the photos seem confused in size and perspective, because you expect the lego bricks to be tiny in comparison to the bed! I’m not sure they’re the most practical things in the world – they wouldn’t comfortably double for a coffee table or ottoman for example – but I can’t help wanting them anyway.

On a related note: this photoset of the demolition of James May’s lego house makes me want to cry. At least the bricks went to charity to spread the lego love!

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