Illustration Friday: Paisley

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I really, really hate paisley. I do however think cutesy ghosts are pretty cool, so this is how I’ve decided to interpret Illustration Friday‘s topic of the week:

Somehow I am imagining this printed onto flannel pyjamas, with the green bits being glow in the dark for extra spookiness. I am not sure who would wear such pyjamas.

This is a seamless pattern based on this tutorial using Illustrator with some adjustments then done in Photoshop.


  1. eee!!! Meee! I’d wear them! That’s so cute <3
    But it looks really time-consuming, even if it is repeating.

    Oh, and I never commented on the new blog design.
    To be honest, I miss the tree. But I can see why you changed, and the new design is nice :) And very professional-looking.

    Have fun Canberra-ing!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you guys would wear my PJ’s XD

    Karlee – thanks! Yeah, some people share your feelings, but I really needed a change. Making the pattern was actually pretty quick, just took me forever to decide on colours and styling! If you make a fairly small and simple tile it doesn’t take very long – mine was probably more detailed than it needed to be, I think it ended up a bit crowded.

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