Lunch at Grazing

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On a beautiful but chilly day in Canberra, nine friends set out for lunch at a restaurant called Grazing.


Being out in Gundaroo it wasn’t the most convenient restaurant to go to (and we got lost along the way), but Grazing has won a bunch of awards so was worth the short road trip. The restaurant is in an old pub and is divided into lots of smallish rooms, so our largish group got a room all to ourselves. I was worried that we’d be forgotten back there, but the service was very, very good. Also slightly sarcastic, but in an amusing kind of way.

I was going to write a review of the food, until I realised that I have no idea how to critique food, let alone food of this level. I’ll just say it was really damn good and leave you with a bunch of pictures instead.

Vegetarian Ravioli
Wagyu beef and mushroom pie
Creme Brulee + Sorbet

Also of note: we loitered around a cafe down the road from Grazing while waiting for some of our party to arrive, and the look and smell of the pizzas coming out of that place were almost enough to make us want to just eat there instead. There are vague plans to return and try it out – more photos and lame reviews then!

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