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First question!

What are your tools of the trade? Photoshop? Illustrator? Fireworks?
— Anonymous on formspring

— Anonymous on formspring

You were probably after just the name of some software, Anonymous, but I’m going to give you a long answer anyway.

In terms of software, I use mostly the subscription edition of Adobe CS5 Design Premium. For doing design mockups, editing photos and some illustration work, I use Photoshop. For icons, logos and vector illustrations I use Illustrator. For print work I use InDesign. For coding and website management, I use Dreamweaver (although since I do my coding from scratch it’s a bit like shooting a mosquito with a cannon). I have a lot of gripes with Adobe and have considered jumping ship many times, but the fact is that it’s difficult to survive in this business these days without Photoshop at the very least.

In terms of hardware, I’m a fairly recently converted Apple fan – I work on a MacBook Pro with an Apple keyboard, Magic Mouse and iPhone. My extra monitor would probably also have been an Apple one too if they didn’t keep changing their stupid connector plugs or released a new one. I also have a Wacom Intuos tablet for drawing/painting digitally, which I haven’t used nearly enough lately.

I’m also a fan of Moleskine notebooks (it’s the cream coloured paper and light lines), to-do lists (I love O-Check’s Memo Pad) and scribbling things onto paper before taking them to a computer.

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