Sketching: Tai Chi and Water-bending

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I haven’t drawn any people (who aren’t super cartoony) in a long long time, so when I felt like sketching I thought I’d give it a shot.

This character is actually from Avatar: The Last Airbender (no relation to James Cameron’s Avatar), a cartoon I got pretty addicted to a couple of years ago. One of the main things I liked about the series was the carefully researched martial arts styles that characters use along with their element to fight. The character above, Katara, uses tai chi style moves and controls water.

I’m definitely out of practice with this kind of drawing – my lines don’t have much confidence and it took me forever just to get this! So I sketched out some gestures in tai chi poses to loosen up a little:

Definitely need to keep practicing, but getting there! I experimented with Photoshop CS5’s new brushes for these – still getting the hang of the effect of different pressure, angles and brushes, but it’s certainly fun to play with.

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