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Now that it’s gotten so chilly here in Canberra, The Boy and I decided to take a shot at doing our own steamboat!


We definitely can’t claim to be experts, but here’s what we used:

  • portable gas stove (from Bunnings)
  • big metal bowl with handles (from an Asian supermarket)
  • broth: chicken stock with mushrooms and ginger (apparently you’re supposed to make your own stock from scratch, but we’re too  lazy!)
  • vegetables: choy sum, enoki, shitake, shimeji, tofu
  • meats: thinly sliced beef, beef balls, fish balls
  • thin egg noodles
  • fresh cut chilli in soy sauce and hoi sin sauce for dipping

The frozen beef slices that we bought ended up being quite stringy – I’ve read that it’s best to find the freshest organic beef that you can, as you’re only cooking it for less than a minute in the broth. It definitely isn’t the cheapest of meals, but the fun of cooking everything a little at a time at the table together and the deliciousness is worth it!



  1. It was really yum! Ruth – is there anywhere in Canberra that does steamboat? I went a few times to a place in Perth which had really cheap all-you-can-eat steamboat on Wednesdays, was awesome!

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