Big Tart and Little Tart

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For The Boy’s birthday I decided to make a strawberry and rhubarb tart. I used this recipe, and it turned out pretty okay if I do say so myself. I’d never cooked with rhubarb before, but now I think I’m definitely a fan. It was also my first time attempting to make my own pastry, and even though it didn’t turn out perfect I think I have the general idea now.

Big Tart
Big Tart

Today I spent working on more bits and pieces to sell at a few upcoming events – here’s a quick peek at one of the items, also strawberry tart!

Little Tart
Little Tart

This little dude was made with polymer clay and is roughly a centimeter in diameter. Interestingly I ended up ‘blind baking’ the bases and adding the strawberries after, similar to doing an actual tart.

To give you an idea of how I do these and how long and fiddly they can be, here’s how I make them:

  • mix yellow, brown and white polymer clay until it’s the colour of golden brown pastry
  • form them into balls then flatten into discs
  • use a round tool to push an indent into the middle, mark the edges
  • lightly tap the clay with a toothbrush to create a subtle texture
  • use pliers to twist wire into a loop, push into tart base (without squishing it)
  • bake for a short amount of time
  • form tiny strawberries from red clay by pinching the edges of little balls
  • use a pin to lightly indent ‘seeds’ on the tiny strawberries
  • take base out of the oven and arrange strawberries artfully
  • bake for a bit longer to set strawberries
  • [yet to do] brush with matte/satin varnish on the base, glossy on the strawberries to look like glaze
  • add jump ring and put onto necklace/earrings/phone charm etc.

So as you can see you have to be somewhat mad to make them in the first place, let alone make then in large quantities in order to sell for a paltry sum that barely covers the cost of materials. Lucky for you I am just that mad, so come along and buy one!

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