Button badge designs!

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Just finished designing button badges! The top row are some of the original batch I did a couple of years ago, and the rest are new. My favourite is the red teapot – definitely going to be keeping one of those for myself. I’m hoping to get these in time to sell at Manifest, but unfortunately I’ve taken longer than anticipated with these designs so I’m not sure they’ll be ready. They will be available to order online through this blog though, so look forward to them coming soon!


  1. Aww, the teapot! That is my favourite~♥
    That whole bottom row is pretty neato, in fact – are you going to sell more IE voodoo kits to go with the badge (which, incidentally, you could pin through the voodoo, ohmygoshcrazy)?
    But of course I want the cakes~

  2. Thanks guys! Cake – I don’t think I’ll be selling anything else in the *ahem* ‘evil e’ since I’m not sure if Microsoft would bring down their wrath on me, but I figured the badges wouldn’t be too bad =P

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