Illustration Friday: Diary

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I had some fun ideas for last week’s topic of giant but didn’t seem to have the time to get them onto paper. I’ve learned from past experience that if I keep putting off topics until I can complete one that I’ve missed I just end up stopping Illustration Friday sketches altogether, which is not what I want! This week is equally, if not more busy, but in the interests of getting something up here we have a blogging octopus, for this week’s theme of diary.

Blogging and ‘microblogging’ sites such as Twitter are like my diary, even if it is in a different and more public sense of the word.

I wonder what an octopus would blog about? Soccer tips and schoolgirls presumably. For once the texture wasn’t put on by me digitally – this was quickly scribbled on the back of a page off my to-do list pad.

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