Manifest: the Dancing

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If you were at Manifest, you may have seen me running around with a ridiculously tiny camera making people dance and capturing video. I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to do anything with the footage since I haven’t done any video editing since highschool, but there was so much interest and badass dancing skills from the con goers I filmed I felt I owed it to everyone to put something together. And here it is.

Okay, yes, my music cutting and video skills leave a lot to be desired. And I really could have used at least couple more minutes of footage to work with. And a Japanese pop song may have been a more appropriate song choice than a cover of the disco classic ‘September’. And yeah, the convention wasn’t even in September. But I love that everyone put aside maturity, dignity and self-consciousness for a few seconds of pure dorky fun, and together created something that’s a celebration of awesome geekery and camaraderie. I loved shooting the bits for this video – if you could hear the sound recorded it would mostly be me cracking at the dances people came up with.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

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