Manifest: The Photo Shoots

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I think the photo shoots I did at Manifest really made the trip for me, despite conditions not really being ideal!

Vocaloid shoot

The Melbourne Showgrounds where the convention was held was great in terms of being able to handle the masses of people, but not so good for photogenic locations. The best we were able to fine was small patches of grass where if you point your camera just so you can sort of avoid getting ugly sheds, tents and tarmac in the background.

Tsubasa: Syaoran & Sakura

As a result most of my photos are mostly quite closely cropped and in very similar environments. The weather was also only partly on our side – being extremely windy made for some dramatic shots, but it was also pretty damn cold!

Slayers: Lina Inverse

I also made the unwise decision to wear a lolita inspired outfit – that is, one involving a pretty dress and petticoat – which is really not ideal for rolling around in the dirt trying to get low angle shots, nor for windy days. From now on I’m sticking to jeans for photo shoot attire.

Manifest 2010

The cosplayers were all fabulous to work with and very patient with me as an inexperienced photographer. I think I’m slowly getting better at directing people, composing photos and editing them to suit the mood of the character or series. Still a long way to go!


Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the shoots! I hope to do more in future.

The full sets of photos can be seen on Flickr and Facebook – if you are in the photos and would like high res or unwatermarked versions of the images, please contact me and I’d be happy to send them through.

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