Manifest: the Table

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Manifest is over for another year! As with SMASH a couple of weeks earlier, I shared a table with some fellow artists and sold my crafty things. I was a lot happier with my setup than I was with my SMASH table – having more space to work with, larger frames to display items in, extra bits that arrived (button badges and printed bookmarks), more appropriate packaging and generally being better organised definitely helped.

In terms of sales… well I had a better idea of what to expect after SMASH. An anime convention is definitely not the ideal place to sell (relatively) expensive, original, handmade items. A reasonable amount of my stuff sold, if at a significantly lowered price, and in the end I made enough profit to pay for my trip over to Melbourne. I think I’ll be sticking to handmade markets from now on, but I’d say it was definitely a worthwhile experience. If nothing else, at least Sam and I managed to hand out the rest of my 250 pack of business cards!

What really had selling at Manifest fun was hanging with Sam, Lisa and Cathy at our table and our fabulous table neighbours! On one side we had the fabulous Adre-es (I’m sorry I’ve managed to forget your real name!) and her friend Clea.

Manifest 2010

And on the other side we had the very talented Ms Rósek and her posse.

Manifest 2010

Meeting new and interesting people and catching up with old friends is why people really go to events like this, and I feel like I really lucked out in that respect!


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