Project Cupcake: Blueberry Cupcakes

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After complaining about my last slightly disappointing batch of eggless cupcakes on Twitter, Monnie (who has even more websites than me and is studying pattisserie at the moment) sent me her vegan cupcake recipe. I might ask her if it’s okay for me to post it on this blog later Take a look at the recipe on MonnieCakes –  the general gist is to use bicarb soda and vinegar to get the rising and emulsifying effect that would normally come from egg in the mixture.

Blueberry cupcakes

Having never successfully made cupcakes before (not sure what about it I seem to struggle with…), these are probably the best I’ve ever made. Maybe if I had a side-by-side comparison I could taste the difference between cupcakes with eggs and these eggless ones, but based purely on memory they taste just as good to me. The blueberries tended to bleed a little on the sides which makes it a tad messy to eat, but I think they’re pretty tasty!

Blueberry cupcakes

I topped them off with some cream cheese icing (which I’ve decided is more to my taste than buttercream) and blueberries. Experimented a little with presentation, but still not sure what works best – 1 blueberry looks a little lonely, 2 looks like eyes, and 3 is a bit crowded on the mini muffin size cupcakes. More experimenting and tasting is required!


  1. They look adorable AND yummy!

    To stop berries “bleeding”, you can use frozen ones straight out of the freezer. It shouldn’t affect the baking time too much, but check anyway. If you have fresh berries, toss them in a little of the flour first, and then gently fold them into the batter.

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