Illustrated Meme: Awkward Things

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A friend of mine studying in Japan at the moment, Cake, decided to start a meme based on the book Makura no Sōshi also known as The Pillow Book. Scattered throughout the book are many lists, which sound almost poetic. The aim of the meme is basically to just write lists, and as a list loving person I’ve decided to take this up and see how I go. The themes are (in no particular order):

  • Annoying things
  • Awkward things
  • Splendid things
  • Squalid things
  • Depressing things
  • Hateful things
  • Elegant things
  • Rare things
  • Embarrassing things
  • Adorable things
  • Surprising and distressing things
  • Things that cannot be compared
  • Things that give a pathetic impression
  • Things that make the heart beat faster
  • Things that gain by being depicted in a painting
  • Things that lose by being depicted in a painting
  • Things that give a clean feeling
  • Things that give an unclean feeling
  • Things that are distant though near
  • Things that are near though distant
  • Things that should be large
  • Things that should be short
  • Things that arouse a fond memory of the past
  • Things that give a hot feeling
  • Things that have lost their power
  • Things that are unpleasant to see

I’m terrible at poetry, but have been meaning to make myself draw on a more regular basis – so my lists will be short, but illustrated with cartoons! Here’s my awkward things:

I’ll try making the next one a little longer! Feel free to join in the meme (illustrated or no) if you feel the urge!

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  1. Hee hee, those are such good answers. Giraffes! And holding babies. I am too scared to hold babies until they can hold their own neck up ohgodohgodohgod o__o;;;

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