Tutorial – Making the IE Voodoo Doll

This is a repost from Oct 10, 2007, back by popular demand. Enjoy!

I’ve posted up my Internet Explorer voodoo doll in a few places and have gotten such a great response! It’s beautiful to see how many of us are united in our hate for this browser T-T

I’ve also had quite a few requests to sell them, but for several reasons this probably isn’t a good idea. So instead I’ve made a nice easy tutorial for you to make one of your own. This pattern is very easily and doesn’t have to be neat, so if you’re thinking making your own IE plush to stab is too meduch work just think of how satisfied you will feel maiming it when it’s done!

Difficulty: Easy!

Time: ~30-60mins, depending on how fast you can hand-stitch

File: download pattern (pdf)

Size ~8x8cm

You will need:

  • The pattern, printed and cut out
  • Some blue felt (I got some cheap-and-nasty felt for this purpose from Crazy Clarks for 60 cents, for all you Perthies)
  • Threads – blue and a contrasting colour
  • A needle
  • Reasonably sharp scissors
  • Something to draw on the felt with
  • Something to stuff the voodoo doll with (I’m just using felt scraps)

Trace the pattern onto the felt using a marker, then cut it out. If you’re lazy like me just trace on the pattern once then fold the material and cut both sides out at once.

The middle bit is a bit hard (well I thought it was anyway), but its easiest to just fold the material in half and cut it out that way, then tidy up as necessary.

If you’re like me and just like to put faces on everything, this is the time to do it. Grab the needle and white thread and sew on a nice dead face. To do this, I just bring through the needle from behind so that the knot will be hidden later, and stitch the eyes in two big crosses, going over them twice so they’re nice and bold. The mouth is just a big line with some smaller stitches on each side to emphasis the sad face. Obviously you don’t have to follow the same facial expression as mine, just make sure you don’t make it too cute to stab or it will defeat the purpose!

Now for the main stitching. Start with the inner part of the ‘e’ first, so you can do the rest in a continuous thread after. This type of stitching (which probably has a name, I just don’t know what it is) is really easy and fast to do. Just bring the thread through both pieces from behind, then bring it through again a few millimeters further across and pull it through, so it creates a loop over the edge of both pieces. Ideally the stitches should all be parallel to each other like |||| or \\\\, but since you’re making this guy to stab and maim it doesn’t matter too much. Personally I think that the dodgey construction simply enhances the metaphor.

After you’ve done the middle part, get a nice long thread and stitch the outside. Start somewhere along the left side of the ‘e’ and go almost all the way around. When you get to about 5cm from where you started, stop.

Now for the stuffing. I’m just using leftover felt scraps, but it is a bit tedious to cut up so if you’re stretched for time it might be best to just get some stuffing wool. If you are using felt scraps remember to cut up the pieces quite small or it will be hard to stuff and will end up really lumpy rather than nice and fat and stab-able. Some parts are a bit hard to get to so use something thin like a pencil or the back of a paintbrush to get it in.

Once you’re finished stuffing just sew up the gap using the same stitching method, and you’re done!

And because by the time I finished it was too dark to take a decent photo, here’s one I made earlier:

Good luck! And if anyone actually does this tutorial I’d love to see photos of how it turned out :)

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18 comments on “Tutorial – Making the IE Voodoo Doll
  1. Hello Teresa,

    I have added an image and 2 paragraphs regarding your tutorial into my IE 7 bugs webpage. It’s right after bug #117.

    Best regards, Gérard

  2. alex says:

    Haha nice :)

    I never thought I could get even with IE6 :P

    Nice comment form too.

  3. rr says:

    All links to the original image (finished product) return a 404 :(

    http://www.chigarden.com/index.php/chibits/comments/internet_explorer_plush_voodoo_doll/ is a dead link.

  4. yanangski says:

    hahahahaha! nice one! i love your site. ;)

  5. aimzsta says:

    “hate me, stab me” hehe… I love this. Must make myself one asap. :)

  6. Daniel says:

    I really want it *_*

  7. Alexwebmaster says:

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here preonrelt@mail.ru

  8. This is absolutely fantastic. Now when I tell IE6 to die in a fire, I’ll have some more vindication by sticking a pin in the bloody thing.

  9. Jérémie says:

    Je n’aurai jamais assez d’aiguilles !!

  10. Z says:

    Awesome stuff! Thanks for the tutorial, here’s my finished doll: http://is.gd/1FpBh :D!

  11. Good solution against IE6 !

  12. Martijn says:

    Fab! Just reposted it on Twitter. I wish I could order these. :)

  13. Ambassador Spock says:

    Now we just need a Microsoft logo!

  14. Adrian says:

    Oh… adorable

  15. I’ve finally figured out a use for my mother’s sewing skills. Excellent work!

  16. Olier says:

    Excellent, je m’en fait une au plus vite ! :)

  17. John says:

    Your website is really well-designed. :-)

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