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Things are settling back into a regular pace after moving back to Perth and turning our little apartment into a proper home. I’ll come back to our apartment when I get around to making it look presentable enough for photos, but for now I want to talk about one of my resolutions for this year – a little garden!

Little herb garden

Our new apartment is on the ground floor and so has a little courtyard which is a bit larger than our old balcony. We’re just starting small so far, with continental parsley, Thai chilli, coriander, Thai basil and chamomile seedlings. Once I’ve gotten around to sourcing some more pots or planters I plan to grab some mint, basil and strawberry cuttings from my parents’ garden, and eventually I’ll get little lemon and lime trees.

Chamomile seedlings

Chamomile has the honour of being the only real flowering in our little garden, mainly because I can make it into tea! I love flowers, but I think I prefer growing plants that I can consume in some form. Besides the medicinal properties in chamomile tea and the cute flowers, I’ve read that planting it near other herbs and vegetables can improve their growth and attract the kind of insects that prey on common pests. I’m not sure how effective this will be when they’re in separate but adjacent planters, but I’m sure it can’t hurt!

I’m growing the chamomile from seeds, which I planted 5 days ago – the seedlings have just started to push through the soil today, which I’m finding very exciting as I haven’t grown anything from seeds since I was a kid. They won’t flower until spring, but I’m already looking at things I can make with them, like this chamomile sorbet on Honest Fare.

I think I should point out here that I’m far from a green thumb – I’ve only ever grown easy herbs, and even then have killed a lot of them (basil especially seems to hate me). I don’t know enough to do anything special – just put them in good potting mix, water once a day and fertilise when I remember to. But I love the convenience of being able to grab some fresh herbs whilst cooking, especially since buying bunches of the stuff at the supermarket is expensive and always far more than I need!

Anyone have some herb growing tips for me?


  1. Well done on your new garden! Herbs and spices can be tricky, and I’m growing them for the first time too, so we can exchange notes ;)

    I’ve learnt that we can grow rosemary and lavender from cuttings.

    Basil loves regular trimming – to keep it bushy. I found once they start going lanky, that they die on me pretty quick. Laksa is also a great one to have =) Also loves getting regular trimming to keep it strong.

    We started growing capsicum as well, they seem pretty easy to grow. You might want to give that a go =)

    Good luck, look forward to more garden photos.

  2. Very pretty and inspiring. We just uprooted most of our backyard cutting away overgrowth and a few trees and shrubs and toiled the soil of what once was our herb patch. Might put it to use but at the moment my only floral friend is my indoor peace lily.

    You should post an update as they grow. (:

  3. Thanks guys! I’m a bit limited in what I can grow since we just have a little courtyard (and most of that is taken up with our bbq, table and chairs and Jeff’s bike), so I’m trying to keep it to stuff that’s expensive to buy in the shops, heheh.

    I’ll definitely post more as my chamomile grows and the chilli starts fruiting!

  4. Really lovely your little garden. :D Aww… it is finally getting spring. Happy feelings! I’m not so with plants actually but my mom has a nice garden where she grows everything for our own use: coriander, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, chives, parsley, … and lots of other plants. But I think these herbs are easy to grow and don’t need so much attention or space. :)

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