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Life is settling into a good pace at the moment – lots of work, wedding planning and chilling with friends. Here’s a few photos I’ve taken recently:

I started this set of the Totoro characters ages ago, and only got around to finishing them recently when fellow crafter-who-has-had-no-time-to-craft Kelly came around for a craft and needle felting afternoon.

Word of warning: wine and needle felting are actually not a particularly good combination, as we discovered (those needles seriously hurt!). When I get a chance I think I’ll make a bunch of Pokemon next.

Over the weekend I decided to take a shot at making chocolate ganache truffles – these are matcha (powdered green tea) flavoured white chocolate, some with pistachios in the middle and outside. Jeff says they look like mossy rocks – I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. I didn’t follow a particular recipe – just melted white chocolate using hot cream, put in some matcha powder, moulded the cooled ganache mixture into little balls then dipped in more white chocolate before sprinkling with more matcha or rolling in pistachios. The pistachio ones were definitely the winner; I’ll be making them and a few other truffles for Easter.

These are my favourite photos from my old kung fu school‘s performance at the Buddha’s Birthday celebration over the weekend. Always very colourful and entertaining.

This week we were supposed to go to Star Anise, which is closing down this week, with several friends. Somehow I ended up calling and booking with another restaurant by the owners, Pata Negra, so we didn’t end up getting in, which was a little devastating considering all the duck I saw on their menu! At least we had the Pata Negra booking so we still had somewhere to eat – the restaurant has a great vibe and very impressive tapas, even for the vegetarians at the table. Fantastic wine too – I’m kicking myself for not writing down the names of what we were drinking to look up later. Definitely a place to visit again!

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