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I’ve always said to myself that if, as a freelancer, I had a slow period I’d do some stock work to pass the time and (hopefully) start up a bit of a passive income stream. I’ve never managed to use my spare time so wisely though, and often just take the opportunity to read a book instead! This time I’m feeling a little more motivated, so have been looking into creating stock WordPress themes for ThemeForest.

If you’re unfamiliar with stock, here’s the general idea – stock websites accept submissions from various creators, which customers can then purchase for (usually) non-exclusive use. Using WordPress templates as an example, the user would get all the template and graphic files, with some documentation on how to install it on their WordPress website and customise it to their needs. Stock items are a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to create something exclusively. Is a stock template going to be as good as one that a designer (like me) has designed specifically and exclusively for you? Well no – by necessity most are somewhat generic, and many other people could have the same one – but some people don’t have the budget to hire a professional themselves, and for them it’s a good option. As a designer I’m not completely sure how I feel about the low prices of stock templates possibly undercutting my prices, but I think that people do recognise the value in having something designed specifically for their purpose, and those that don’t or simply don’t have the budget wouldn’t have been my clients regardless.

I’m still working on my first design and will keep this blog posted on how I go with the submission process and earnings – there really isn’t much information out there that doesn’t focus on the superstars with hundreds of thousands of sales, and not everyone earns like that! I’m sure I won’t be making the big bucks through dabbling in stock in my spare time, but I’m hoping I’ll have a little bit of money here and there trickling in.

If you have any ideas for WordPress themes (either as blogs or as a commercial website), please feel free to suggest them!

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  1. Hiya,

    Great idea, you don’t know how much you will make without trying, you may surprise yourself!

    I’d suggest making some very pretty floral themes (curves, squiggles, flowers) as there are very few ‘feminine’ themes out there, and also a few very ‘clean’ thesis type themes (white, small header) as there are few non fussy ones too!

    Hope that helps, let us know how you get on!

    Shell :)

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