City to Surf

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Before the run

I signed up for the City to Surf 12km run at the last minute due to peer pressure on a whim. It might not sound like much to some, but for me it represents a massive achievement. I’ve always hated to run, and have only been able to get into it recently – even then, only for much shorter jogs than this. I once walked an enforced primary school cross country run in non-violent protest – the teachers hated me because I was the very last to finish and they wanted to go for lunch.

I didn’t manage to run the whole thing, partly because we started late with the walkers and partly because I lack the stamina to jog up hills, but overall I jogged much more than I have before and thought I was able to. The energy of the event and the beautiful weather really makes you push yourself – I was really happy with my end time, which was well under my goal of 2 hours.

I’m now feeling inspired to improve my running so I can get a better time next year! Although I have to say my favourite part was ‘carb loading’ beforehand, which I probably did with more gusto than my run required, and my reward of a steak sandwich with chips and a pint of beer.


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