Happy Plants

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I’m getting a little bored of winter – this one seems to be more rainy than usual, and the short drab days take their toll on my mood. I decided the best thing to cheer up our slightly monochromatic apartment would be some bright orange flowers.

I do enjoy cut flowers, but it’s always a bit sad when they die. I’m hoping there’s enough light coming into our place for these two little house plants to survive!

Some of my older plants that I planted in autumn have died down and been pruned back – but that’s okay, it is winter after all. My Thai chillies seem determined to fruit despite the weather though – I can’t wait to try cooking with some and seeing how hot they are. And my chamomile, which I grew from seeds, is doing pretty well – I just hope they go through a growth spurt in spring so I can have some flowers for tea!

I’m starting to think about what new plants to grow in spring; at this stage I’m thinking of getting some big pots to grow larger amounts of parsley, mint and perhaps some lettuce.

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