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I decided to finally clean up the disorganised mess of my bookmarks folder – here’s a few interesting things from around the web.

This roasted eggplant and za’atar pizza recipe from Sprouted Kitchen looks incredible, a nice change from my usual pumpkin, pine-nut and fetta or chilli chicken pizzas.

Project 333 is an interesting project on living with less items of clothing. Nice way to figure out how to reduce the size of my wardrobe, and good practice for future travelling!

The art style of the Cucumber Quest comic looks so adorable and unique. I haven’t started reading it yet, but if wredwrat likes it then that’s enough encouragement for me.

Along with many other blogs I’ve seen mention it, I’m completely smitten with Kinfolk Magazine – an online zine about small gatherings. The photography is gorgeous, stories are lovely and all very inspiring for my own small gatherings. Their blog comes up with lots of gems from around the web as well.

This article posted on Dead Fleurette talks about investing in a good collection of clothes (and possessions in general) rather than ‘disposable’ fashion which isn’t good environmentally, ethically or financially in the long run.

I really really want this book by Sarai of Colette Patterns. I’m hoping it’ll be able to get me back into sewing, and learn some proper basic techniques that I somehow skipped when learning to sew!

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  1. Hi Chisa, maybe you wanna check out Power Sewing By Sandra Betzina. It has over 500 full color photos, full construction techniques for all kinds of women’s garments.

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