Some like it hot

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It’s a stormy blustery day today, so I decided to harvest my poor chillies before they get blown away on the wind. We have a jar of piri piri simmer sauce to eat sometime this week (shush, I’m collecting jars to use for the wedding otherwise I would make it from scratch) I’ll probably chuck it in with for a bit of extra kick.

I decided to count up the number of chilli things we have at the moment, out of interest. Besides the piri piri jar, we have:

  • Sriracha hot chilli sauce
  • sweet chilli sauce
  • Tabasco sauce
  • ground chillies
  • hot dried chillies
  • chilli oil
  • Japanese style chilli pepper
  • fresh Thai chillies from our ‘garden’

Usually we have a jar of jalapenos or my new favourite, habaneros, on hand as well. Even with all this, my tolerance for chilli-heat is still fairly low – especially compared to my mum who will just much on raw birds-eye chillies!

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