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Steamboat (or hotpot, or shabu shabu) is one of the best foods for gatherings ever. No cooking, and very little prep – just defrost everything, slice up some cabbage and make a simple stock. It’s like the winter version of a barbeque, except you don’t even have to make a salad. The components can get a bit pricey if you go overboard with quantities (as we did) or get the best slices of wagyu beef, but not too bad in the scheme of things. My favourite are the star shaped Japanese style fish cakes, although after they’ve been cooking a while their faces warp and they start to look a bit evil!

Our ingredients were:

  • thin egg noodles
  • Chinese cabbage
  • mixed mushrooms (enoki, oyster, trumpet and shimeji)
  • ‘combination’ fish balls
  • Japanese style fish rolls
  • Japanese style, star shaped fish cakes
  • sliced pork
  • tofu



  1. Amie – You can get heaps of different styles – I saw love hearts, flowers and pandas but we already had too many things haha. If they have them in Perth they must surely have them in Melbs!

    ChopinAndMySaucepan – Oh right, I forgot to mention – we had them with chilli oil mixed with soy sauce, and goma (sesame) dipping sauce :D

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