This Sunday

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Inspired by a friend we visited last week, The Boy and I got ourselves a little coffee bean grinder and stovetop espresso maker. We tried it out for the first time today – we still need to get the hang of it (and some appropriately sized cups), but I think it’s going to be brilliant. I don’t drink coffee often as I usually prefer tea, but it’s just the thing on a rainy weekend morning. My knowledge of coffee is pretty limited but we got some 5 Senses Columbian Roast as I see it raved about often on Twitter, and because it had a very enticing description (kudos to you, copywriter).

We also managed to find ourselves the perfect green grass rug, which I’ve wanted ever since I saw this post on Color Me Katie and pictures in various interior design blogs since. I think it fits perfectly in our slightly geeky apartment, and feels so nice under your toes!


  1. Oh wow, where did you get the rug??
    I’ve been wanting a grass rug since *before* the Colour Me Katie thing………
    sooo goooood

    And you could get nice brown cusions and a red mushroom beanbag………

  2. It’s from Rugs-a-Million – the style is called ‘Vest’. It was funny walking into the store and saying “We’re here for the green Vest!”. It feels so lovely and soft, and I think it more grass-like than other green rugs I’ve seen around!

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