This Weekend

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Shopping, cleaning, cooking and organising – a fairly quiet weekend!

I’d intended to buy some fabric from Spotlight to make The Boy and I aprons, as when we cook we tend to end up covered in splashes and flour… but lost a bit of steam when I saw some cute and matching ones there for not too much more than the cost of the fabric. Oh well, that leaves the way clear for a different sewing project!

I’ve been putting off properly labelling our spice jars for ages, and finally got annoyed enough to go ahead with it. Each one now sports a strip of ‘chalkboard’ contact paper, on which I’ve written the name of the spice in a white paint pen. The idea is that I’ll be able to wash off the label if I need to change the spices; also convenient for the odd spelling or spacing error.

I’m awful at taking photos of myself, but I’m starting to really like reading other bloggers’ style posts and want to be able to do the same sometimes… even if I have no sense of style to speak of! I bought a bunch of new clothes today, including these cat eye sunglasses from Dangerfield which are a nice change from my regular aviator style sunnies.

The Boy cooked us coq au vin (chicken in wine) for dinner, which I attempted to style with slightly more effort than I usually do. Unfortunately this is my favourite photo of the lot, which crops out most of my props and actual styling and still looks a bit boring anyway! I definitely need a lot more practice.

I also started redesigning this blog – but you’ll have to wait until I’ve coded it up to see what it’s like. I like to think it’s got a bit of whizz bang, pop, wow and all those other adjectives clients like to throw at me. Coming soon!

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