Grand Designs Drinking Game

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The Boy and I have been really into Grand Designs lately, and have just started watching the newest season. We’re still a long way from buying a place, let alone building anything anywhere near the scale of what you see on the show, but it’s fun to dream.

When you’ve watched a few seasons, you start to see some patterns that come up in most episodes – and this is what started the Grand Designs drinking game. I should point out that as we’re not big drinkers we just take a sip of wine for each ‘drink’ – there’s usually 5+ drinks per episode, so doing full shots would get messy quite quickly!

Take a drink if/when:

  • the client has a hopelessly unrealistic budget/timeline
  • the couple (it’s almost always a couple) fall pregnant during the episode
  • Kevin says something snarky
  • Kevin demonstrates some kind of fancy new product or uses random objects to demonstrate a point
  • it rains or snows when the house isn’t watertight
  • the client has to give up on self-managing and hires a real project manager
  • the client decides to fire the architect to save money
  • there’s a delay due to dealing with water in the groundworks
  • there’s a delay due to glass not arriving on time
  • they decide to not divulge the final cost

I think there have been episodes where all of these cases have occurred!

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