Happy Father’s Day!

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I hope everyone is having a lovely Father’s Day, especially all the fathers out there! I’ll be celebrating with my parents tomorrow night as they’ve just gotten back from a holiday, but this morning The Boy and I put on brunch for his parents and sister. On Mother’s Day we did a fry up, so this time we decided to go sweet and make pikelets.

A sweet and simple brunch:

  • make some pancakes/pikelets/crepes (seriously, make the batter from scratch – it’s easy and so much nicer than the weird packet stuff)
  • cut up some fresh fruit and berries (we splurged on some bananas, and strawberries are in season at the moment)
  • condiments of choice (we had maple syrup, honey, lemon juice and sugar)
  • pot full of tea or coffee, or orange juice

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