Finally – ChiGarden 2011

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I did this design a few months ago, but between the wedding and work I never seemed to have the time to finish coding it up. There’s still a few tweaks to be made, but here it is!

My original intention was to design something more simple and minimalist, to better show off photographs. But as I was designing it became apparent that 1) my photography isn’t really good enough to carry a design the way that the amazing photographers I admire do; and 2) I’m more of a bright colours and cartoon characters sort of person anyway. This two column design does open up a bit more space for photos though, and I’ve taken out bits that have become less important to me and added a few new things in.

Geeky bits:

  • I’m using the Twentyeleven theme as a base for this theme
  • All graphics, characters and icons were created by me, over the past few years
  • The curly font is Kavaler Kursive, which is free for personal use

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