Adventures in Hanoi

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Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, ended up being a bit of a transit city for us – we flew in to Hanoi from Perth, then flew to Hoi An the next day. We had a bit over a day between Hoi An and Ha Long Bay, and then another evening before flying back to Perth. The result was that we didn’t really do anything more adventurous than look for the best place to eat, although with the traffic getting anywhere is an adventure in itself.

Aside from a bit of rain on the first day, we had perfect weather in Hanoi – temperature maybe in the mid 20’s, and not particularly humid. If you don’t the possibility of getting a bit wet, I’d definitely recommend this time of year to travel to North Vietnam!

A few tips:

  • Go see the water puppets. Doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s worth watching!
  • All the travel agents are clustered in Old Town, near the water puppet theatre. They offer more competitive rates for tours than hotels – I wish we managed to find them before booking our Ha Long Bay tour through our hotel.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake is really pretty, especially at night, but the restaurants around there are really expensive (for Vietnam). Go to a place with lots of locals for dinner, then just get drinks somewhere with a nice view.
  • We stumbled across a great place on Ma Mai Street which gives you a plate of beef and veggies to cook yourselves at your table on a grill over kerosene. One of the best meals of the trip!

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