Christmas Planning

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Okay okay, it’s more than a month to go until Christmas and you probably hate me for posting about it. But The Boy and I are holding a Christmas dinner / tree decorating party, and with everyone’s other commitments throughout the holiday season it’s going to be in less than two weeks. That means the planning has to start now!

We’re planning to get a real tree this year, instead of a plastic one – and yes, you can get them in Australia. I’ve decided on a red and aqua colour scheme for the tree (yes of course a tree needs a colour scheme) and am having fun thinking about how I can extend it to decorating the rest of the space.

Here’s a few crafty projects I’m hoping to find some time for:

  • Maybe a light aqua tablecloth and red napkins? There’s a great tutorial here, although I now have a hem foot on my machine which should make the job much easier.
  • I think I’ll make some of these pretty paper ball ornaments for the tree, and maybe a big one or two to hang over the dining table.
  • It’s a little overplayed (or is that just for people like me who have been reading a lot of wedding blogs?) but I think I’ll take a shot at making bunting to go on the walls in the tree corner.
  • I’ve done these tissue paper pom-poms before – they’re cheap and easy, if a bit delicate to make.
  • I love the combination of brown paper with stripy red and white string or ribbons and a bit of blue embellishment!

Now to decide on the actual food part!

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