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I’ve always had a bit of an uneasy relationship with fashion – I tend to get a bit defensive about my total lack of fashion sense and try to pass it off as intentional, but I actually find fashion incredibly interesting. The other day I was telling Miss T that I need to stop buying fashion magazines as there’s so much content out there on fashion blogs available for free (can you believe Vogue costs like $12?!), and she asked me to share some of the ones that I read. Obviously my interests and style isn’t going to suit everybody, but the nice thing about the net is if you find one blog you like it’s easy to follow their links to a whole lot more!

The Sartorialist is of course a favourite for amazing street style photography – nothing that I could afford or feel comfortable replicating, but the photography is so stunning that I love it anyway. Other street style blogs that I like are Street Style Aesthetic and CarolinesMode.

Of the what-I-wore-today type bloggers, I’m a fan of Keiko Lynn – her style is very stylish and quirky without being draped in designer. I also follow Closet Voyage, which is run by an old friend with a big Japanese influence and a knack for thrifting. Le Blog de Sushi is a new find which is super sweet and girly, and Charlotte Rouge is an amazing designer who blogs her outfits as well as covering fashion shows. is a good place to find this kind of fashion blogger – it seems almost everyone on there also has a blog!

I’m also finding fashion blogs that focus on the ‘French style wardrobe’ – a smaller number of quality pieces rather than rampant consumption of cheap, throwaway clothes – really interesting because it’s the approach that I’m trying to take. Dead Fleurette is a good one – this article that she posted up about disposable fashion is an excellent read.

On Tumblr, my favourite blog by far is From Me To You, run by a great photographer and lover of vintage style, who was lucky enough to cover New York, Paris and London fashion weeks one after the other not long ago. I’m also a fan of designer Gretchen Jones (of Project Runway fame) who has a boho inspired sort of style and seems to draw inspiration from all sorts of interesting places. I also have to give a shout out to my ex-student who runs What Nurie Wore Today, with lots of cute, vintage inspired and geek-chic type outfits.

Do you read any fashion blogs? I’d be interested to find more good ones!

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