Planting Day

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Spent this morning with Skye at Perth’s Urban Orchard, a garden close to the city centre, harvesting the winter/spring crops and planting new ones for summer. It was just the right sort of weather for gardening, except for the breeze that kept blowing my hat off. It’s a bit unclear to me whether or not you’re allowed to just pick things and take them home normally, but since I’ve now volunteered a bit of my time I won’t feel too bad nabbing the odd sprig of mint or basil, or a teeny tiny (but ripe!) strawberry.

The harvested plants were out for the taking, although you have to get in quick – my haul consists of parsley, some adorably tiny radishes and some miniscule carrots I’m going plant and hopefully coax to a more edible size.

Urban Orchard runs harvesting and planting days each season – keep an eye on the Perth Cultural Centre website for details. I think I’ll be keeping an eye on the bean and chilli plants we planted, as well as the strawberries and mulberries which look like they’ll be ripening soon!

Somewhat related: the first photo is of this morning’s breakfast, consisting of homemade muesli, greek yoghurt and berries from my mum’s garden (which is doing much better than my own).

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