Have an excellent Christmas!

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If there is one food that sums up our holiday season this year, it’s fruit mince pies. The Boy decided to make some following Maggie Beer’s recipe, which actually makes enough fruit mince for about a million mini fruit mince pies. Not wanting to waste it, we’ve been making batch after batch to use it up, giving away as much as we can. Only a bit left, enough for a bigger pie to take to Christmas lunch tomorrow. Aside from the crazy portions the recipe is actually pretty good – the mince has a deep fruity flavour with enough nuts to give it an interesting texture, and the shortcrust pastry is easy to make, very buttery and not too sweet. I’ve been eating far too many of them over the past few weeks, it’s just too good!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas (or if you don’t celebrate it, a wonderful day in general) with lots of great food!

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