Confessions of a Designer

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These ‘Confessions of a Designer’ quotes put together by Anneke of AMS Design Blog made me snigger. I agree with her that there’s often misconceptions about how long graphic design takes, since it’s just “makings stuff in Photoshop” and “choosing fonts” right?

I should probably note that I’ve been really lucky with clients, and haven’t had to deal with these things much!


  1. aw man, you are definitely very fortunate. I think the only one that I haven’t come up against is the unicorn poem. I guess I should be thankful too :P

  2. I did have a scare when a couple of clients started sending through wireframe mockups in Comic Sans… until I figured out that their wireframing software sets it to that by default, and they didn’t want me to actually use it in the final design. Phew!

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