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Working from home isn’t for everyone; for me it was enjoyable but not always very productive. For the past 7 months or so I’ve been working from a share office, collectively called Monk Studio – home to Monk Media, Cut & Paste, myself and a few others who occasionally drop by.

Current projects board

It’s a pretty awesome and very creative shared office space, although I can’t take any credit for it – most of the setup (including the funky wallpaper) was done by Paul of Monk Media. I did give the whole place a good clean over the holidays, so I’ll take credit for that (office of mostly boys = ‘cleaning’ is done with a leaf blower).

My setup consists of an Ikea desk, my Macbook Pro on a laptop stand, an extra monitor, keyboard and mouse, a pencil box, a small pinboard of current projects, and my needle-felted Piplup. I suppose it isn’t the most stylish of desk setups, but for my graphic design work the extra screen space is absolutely vital. I also have a foot rest because at my height I can’t have my seat at a comfortable typing position without my legs being too short to touch the floor!

There’s a bit of a library of graphic design books I’ve been meaning to flick through and some instruments which office mates and randoms play when they drop in.

Also (important for me) there’s a kettle and a collection of tea! I think the lemongrass and ginger is my favourite, although I haven’t tried the French Earl Grey yet. We all bring in random drinks and snacks to share.

What’s your office like?

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