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I’ve come across a few of these little online games for design geeks, and can never resist playing them! Here’s a few of my favourites:

Color – a color matching game by Method of Action

Try to match up colours on the colour wheel, for hue, saturation, complimentary, analogous, ternary and quartenery. It times you and gives you a score at the end, which made me panic a little. Surprisingly fun, and extra geek points for being made entirely in HTML5 and having support for colour blindness.

Munsell Hue Test

Arrange color blocks in order of hue from left to right. Definitely not for the color blind (or those with badly calibrated monitors).

Kern Type

Adjust the kerning (spacing between letters) to make the letters as readable and visually appealing as possible. A lot harder than you would think!

Shape Type

Manipulate the b├ęzier curves to fix letter shapes (I was the worst at this one!).

The Rather Difficult Font Game True to its name, this game is rather difficult. Since I work primarily with web, it’s only recently that I’ve been able to use much more than Arial, Verdana and Georgia (all of which did come up in the test), and I’ve actually never heard of a few of these fonts. You can sort of figure some out through a process of elimination though. The game didn’t seem to be working/scoring properly when I tried it, so click through to the mobile version if your score/font numbers aren’t increasing.

Happy playing!

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