Gazpacho Soup

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I’ve always found the idea of a cold vegetable soup intriguing but not exactly appetising. But the days are getting uncomfortably warm, and my usually piping hot roasted vegetable soups are just not the best idea, and something cold and refreshing sounds all the more appealing. Add in the fact that tomatoes are in season and oh so cheap, and Souvlaki for the Soul posted a great looking recipe – it was impossible to not try making gazpacho!

I think my gazpacho is not all that it could be – I had to make some substitutions, like using rice wine vinegar as I lack sherry or red wine vinegar. And apparently you’re not supposed to keep tomatoes in the fridge, as it turns them watery and alters the general texture, so my market tomatoes which have been in the fridge a few days are not going to compare to say, homegrown heirloom tomatoes freshly plucked from the garden. And I started making my gazpacho at 5:30pm for dinner at 7:30pm – rookie mistake; it needs to chill for 4-6 hours! But after some time in the freezer it was still fresh, cold and flavoursome. I love how simple and raw it all is (chop, blend, chill). I think next time I’ll whiz everything together in the morning before work and leave it chilling in the fridge for the flavours to develop for dinner time.

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