Happy New Year & Resolutions 2012

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good NYE, whether it was a quiet one in or a big night out. I celebrated in style at The Brown Fox with some excellent friends, overdid it slightly on the vino, and have spent most of the first day of 2012 sleeping off a hangover. I hope the rest of the year goes a little better!


Last year I made a bunch of resolutions, then completely forgot about the list. I did manage to do almost all of them, except for the gingerbread house and appearing more often in photos. I even managed to lose some weight and get more fit, things that I deliberately didn’t add to my list because they never happen. This year, after reading Zen to Done which suggests having fewer goals at a time to really concentrate on them, I’m keeping it simple:

  • Lose another 5kg
  • Save enough money for our Europe Grand Tour
  • Improve photography

There’s a lot of smaller goals which contribute to each of these larger resolutions, which I’ll be keeping track of along the way, but in total those three main goals are what I hope to achieve this year. I think part of my problem with New Year’s resolutions is that I tend to set them at the beginning of the year, and then promptly forget about or break them straight after. So, still keeping with the simplicity, here’s three things I intend to focus on for the next month which will work towards these goals:

  • Re-commit to a maximum of three servings of carbs per week day, or four on weekends
  • Stop buying clothes and accessories; start thinking about a minimalist wardrobe
  • Investigate the best and cheapest way to light food photography at home, hopefully without having to buy any new gear

There’s a bunch of other things I could easily put on my list of resolutions, but I’m hoping that by focusing on three big year-long goals, broken down into smaller goals or habits to tackle, I’ll be able to actually do something worthwhile. Wish me luck!

Got any resolutions for the new year?


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