January Review

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I’m going to try and do a monthly review of how I’m going with my resolutions for 2012 to make sure that I’m keeping on track! I won’t bore you with every month (probably), but here’s how I’ve gone in the first month of the year. If you’re struggling with your new year’s resolutions or goals, consider breaking it down into smaller goals and reviewing them regularly to see how you’re going.

1. Re-commit to a maximum of three servings of carbs per week day, or four on weekends – SORT OF

Okay so I haven’t been completely good with this (oh how I love bread, and beer!) but definitely an improvement over the excesses of December. Despite my indiscretions I’ve still managed to lose about 1.5kg, more than I’d planned to lose per month. I have a feeling it’s because of the crazy heat we’ve had – even at night it’s barely dropped below 25 degrees, and we’ve had several 40+ days. It’s like that crazy yoga that you do in intense heat, except instead of yoga all I’m doing is housework and drinking beer (okay, and some pretty intense group fitness sessions). Whatever, it’s working right? I’m going to consider this a sort-of win.

New health/weightloss interim goals: 1) attend Saturday morning boxing class every week; 2) stop drinking beer.

2. Stop buying clothes and accessories; start thinking about a minimalist wardrobe – WIN

I’m actually doing great on Project 333, and thus have not had any reason to buy anything new. It’s really made me think about what makes a good capsule wardrobe, and I think what I’ve picked out actually works really well for me. Obviously I have my ‘cheat’ allowing me to add clothes and things that I make to my wardrobe, but that’s just making more excited about making my own clothes, fulfilling another vague goal of mine. I don’t think I’ll have any issues keeping up with this for the rest of the 3 months, and it will definitely help me make more considered choices for the rest the year.

New Europe/money saving interim goal: Investigate extra forms of income – affiliate programs, photography work, stock website templates etc.

3. Investigate the best and cheapest way to light food photography at home, hopefully without having to buy any new gear – NOT REALLY

I made some half-hearted attempts, but haven’t really come to a positive conclusion in terms of working with lighting. I’ve found that my speedlight bounces light nicely in our courtyard and reasonably well in the kitchen, but on the dining table it just doesn’t look as nice as my regular lamp lighting. I think my post-processing has improved though (Sab’s post-processing tutorials are a huge help), so that’s something.

New photography interim goal: same again – spend more time playing around with lighting options.

So I haven’t stuck completely to my resolutions for the past month, but I’m still making progress overall! How are you going with yours?

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