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from A Pair & a Spare Wardrobe Rehab
from A Pair & a Spare Wardrobe Rehab

It seems a lot of people are looking to simplify their lives, and particularly their wardrobes. I’m definitely not an expert in the topic, but I have done a bit of research into it. If you’re doing this sort of thing too, here’s a bit of extra reading for you:

Project 333 – Obviously I’m a fan. Here’s my selection. Choose just 33 items to wear for 3 months. I still think that even if you don’t go ahead with it, figuring out what your 33 items would be is a good way of deciding what should and shouldn’t be kept.

30 for 30 Remix – If Project 333 looks a bit too hard, this might be another option – choose 30 items from your wardrobe, and make 30 outfits from them, for 30 days. Easy!

Uniform Project – Actually doing this (wearing just one little black dress, plus only thrifted/gifted accessories for a whole year) is way beyond me, the outfits and money raised are very inspiring. I would definitely buy the pattern for the LBD if it was downloadable!

A Pair & a Spare Wardrobe Rehab – steps you through the whole process, from culling to defining your style to tips for future shopping. The How to Pack for a Holiday post is worth checking out as well.

Invest in your Wardrobe on Dead Fleurette – A great article from the Vancouver Sun about investing in a minimalist, quality wardrobe instead of fast fashion. This blog also has heaps of posts about the idea of a minimalist wardrobe – even if her personal style doesn’t appeal to you, the philosophy behind it is worth a read.

Protecting your clothing investments on Assembled Haphazardly – A good read for making sure leather and wool investment items stand the test of time. I really need to exercise this, I’m not good enough to my clothes!

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