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I’ve had a lot of interest in my Project 333 post – other people doing the project looking for inspiration perhaps? As I said, please comment if you’re doing it too, I’d love to see what items you’ve chosen.

One week in, and it’s been pretty easy so far – then again it was a pretty casual week of work, grocery shopping and cosplay shooting which didn’t require a huge amount of thought! I did realise that bags should probably count in my 33 items, so I’ve switched out a couple of (unworn) items and added these in (pictured above). It’s also been more chilly than I had anticipated, so I thought it would be wise include something that layers well instead of something else.


  • pink polka dot dress
  • pink patterned dress
  • green maxi skirt


  • brown leather camera bag by ONA
  • thrifted silver/gold clutch
  • black mid-length sleeved tee

I’m a bit boring when it comes to bags – I wear my brown leather satchel almost all the time as it’s padded so I can use it to take my laptop to work, my camera when out and about or just for normal use. It is the most beautiful and expensive bag that I have ever owned and I love it to death, mostly because it’s not obviously a camera/laptop bag and actually looks reasonably stylish. I have just a couple of small clutches which I use when going out without my camera (which actually isn’t that often) – I bought this silver and gold one from a secondhand shop not long ago and haven’t worn it yet, but I think it should work alright with the few ‘going out’ outfits I have in my selection.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they think this is a really good idea, but don’t think they can do it themselves. Give it a try! I think in the end the rules are fairly arbitrary – if you think it’s too hard, it’s better to just bend the rules a little bit than not do anything at all right? Here’s some suggestions:

  • Just make a list of what you would put in your 33 items, even if you’re not planning on doing it. I think it really distills what items show your sense of style and are practical for your lifestyle.
  • Focus on just clothes; don’t count shoes and accessories in your 33 items. This makes things a lot easier, since shoes and accessories can change an outfit so much!
  • Change the numbers – set a higher limit on the number of items, or do it for a shorter period of time.

Hopefully the creator of the project doesn’t mind me suggesting these easier options!

Personally I think the point is mainly to really think about what you have and what you need, instead of just reacting when you see a bargain or something pretty. Even if you don’t follow the rules properly, if you come away with a new perspective then I think that’s still a win.

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