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Yup – whilst not as insane and screamy as some, I am a bit of a fan of BBC’s series Sherlock. I’ve been really enjoying season two, and can’t wait for the final episode this week (although since it’s based on The Final Problem it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster).

Since I’m several different kinds of geek, I couldn’t help noticing the set design more this season, particularly the interiors.

Considering it’s home to two bachelors, 221B Baker Street actually looks really warm and inviting with its vintage furniture, crammed bookshelves, random curios and eclectic damask wallpapers (the black and white one can be found here by the way). I’ve been a fan of the Scandinavian modern minimalist look forever, but I’m finding myself drawn more and more to this sort of warm, slightly masculine, wood-and-leather, very lived-in sort of look. I keep seeing Sherlock’s armchair, Corbusier’s Le Grand Confort, in interior design blogs and have wanted it for ages before spotting it on the show too. Interesting that there’s not a tv in sight – I think rooms look so much nicer when all the chairs aren’t orientated towards a screen!

Irene Adler’s townhouse is a stark contrast – clean, minimal, bright and feminine, full of beautiful antique furniture and decor. Everything looks carefully chosen and arranged, but not as welcoming and lived-in. I suppose it suits the way that the character presents herself – classy, classic, luxurious and beautifully presented, but giving no hint as to the real person behind it all. It’s not my style at all, but I can’t help admiring the white chaise lounge in the sitting room or that amazing and majestic bed!

Do you end up admiring somewhat unrelated elements, like interiors or costume design, when watching tv too? I’m really looking forward to the return of Mad Men this year, it’s always full of inspiring mid-century design!

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