Why Kangaroo Meat is Awesome

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Yesterday was Australia Day (or Invasion Day really, I suppose), and The Boy and I had some friends over for a BBQ. I made the mistake of telling our friends that I was making kangaroo burgers, which resulted in an awkward silence followed by “um, I think I’ll just bring some sausages… you can eat your kangaroo”.

I’ve been pretty much converted to this meat, so here’s a few reasons why:

It actually tastes pretty good

Gamey but not strongly so, and very tender when cooked properly. I’ve been replacing recipes calling for beef mince with kangaroo mince, without much of a noticeable difference in taste. I’ve also done roasts and steaks, which are nice and tender and juicy cooked medium-rare.

It’s better for the environment

Kangaroos emit less methane than cows, for example, and their soft padded feet are better suited to the Australian environment than hooved animals. Most kangaroo available for eating is wild, so many of the other environmental impacts of farming (such as growing corn to feed traditional eat animals, and then pumping them with antibiotics to make up for the fact that what they’re being fed isn’t actually good for them) are avoided.

The species of kangaroo that are hunted are not endangered, and the percentage that is allowed to be culled is varied according to the current population roos.

It’s really good for you

High protein (roughly the same as beef), low fat (~2%, much less than other red meats), doesn’t taste like cardboard. Sounds pretty good to me.

It’s cheap!

I’m a cheapo, so I started buying kangaroo mince because it was a lot cheaper than the 5 star beef mince I usually buy. I’ve started switching out one meal a week that would usually be beef for kangaroo, and using the extra money to buy free range, organic or grass-fed versions of the other meats we eat regularly.

My kangaroo burgers actually turned out pretty nice, and I made almost everyone eat them in the end. The general consensus was that it didn’t taste much different from regular beef burgers. Thanks everyone for being a bit adventurous!

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