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The trouble with doing Project 333 is that you sort of forget that you actually have other clothes. This isn’t really an issue until you decide to go shopping, and start thinking that actually maybe it would be nice to have more than a couple of day dresses and t-shirts. I started making a list of things to possibly buy when I go to Singapore next week, then realised that I actually have most of those things already! I chucked the old list and focused on a few holes in my wardrobe instead.

Classic trench – a staple that has admittedly never appealed to me before (being short and not skinny I assumed it would be unflattering), but I think if I can find the right style I can pull if off. I’ve fallen in love with the classic styling, the neutral colour, and especially how it looks with Breton striped shirts. I have short arms relative to the rest of me so have a horrible time finding jackets that don’t make me look like a kid playing dress-up, but generally ones in Asia fit fine. Apparently my body is more like a large Asian woman than a small Australian one?

Brogues – because I’m really feeling brown leather at the moment, and would like some flat closed shoes that aren’t sneakers for when it starts getting colder. I think with these my shoe collection will be complete (at 16 pairs total) and I can just replace as needed from there!

Pants which are not jeans – because there are some occasions where both jeans and dresses are not appropriate. Like the time I photographed a wedding in a dress and had to be conscious of not flashing anyone when crouching to take shots, because all my pants are jeans. Still undecided on colour and style – I guess it depends on what I find. Asia is also good to me in terms of pants (even if I have to buy the largest size), being such a shorty!

A watch – because I’m one of those people who doesn’t have one, and has to dig around for their phone to tell the time. I’m also one of those people who doesn’t have a watch because they lose theirs so easily, so I think I should probably get a cheap watch for now to test the waters again.

Pretty scarves, or pieces of fabric I can make into a scarf. Because 1) they’re pretty, 2) they don’t take up much suitcase space and 3) I will be shaving my head for charity not long after getting back, and whilst that doesn’t bother me as much as people seem to think it will, I think it’s best to protect my scalp from the harsh Perthian sun.

It’s possible I won’t find just the right ones for me and leave Singapore with none of these things, but if that’s the case I’m content to wait. I had intended to go on not buying any new clothes until mid-year, but the lure of Singapore shopping with its wider range teamed up with the current great exchange rate and the fact that I should be able to find clothes made for short people has proven too much for me. I’m still on a budget of course, so won’t be going too nuts and can pretty much forget designer anything.

What new things are you coveting at the moment?

Got any good Singapore shopping tips for me?


  1. Arghhh so tempting! Hey, do you know if Sephora is the best place to buy makeup from in Singapore? Just after some bright shades of lipstick, and it’s so expensive here!

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