February in Review

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So here’s how I’m going with my resolutions/goals for this year, and mini goals for February.


Feb goal: Attend Saturday morning boxing class every week and stop drinking beer – WIN

Okay, so I attended 3 out of 4 boxing classes – but that’s not too bad for a Saturday morning. After skipping a week due to lack of enthusiasm from my boxing buddies, I’ve made the decision to just go whether I’ll have a partner or not – I’ll tag along with another pair if necessary.

I’ve not only stopped drinking beer for all of February, but also stopped drinking alcohol entirely. I was thinking of doing Feb Fast but it’s a fundraising thing and I’m already getting people to sponsor me for the World’s Greatest Shave, so just took it on as a personal challenge. I am looking forward to having a drink on the 1st of March to be honest, but I think I’ve definitely broken the habit of having a beer every day and can go back to having a drink or two a week.

Despite being really good this month, my weight and measurements haven’t budged at all. That’s okay, as I lost a large amount of weight last month, so I’m just happy to maintain at this point. Hopefully March will see a small but steady improvement. I also feel like I’m at a happy and healthy place with food these days, which I’ll write more about this month.

New health/weightloss interim goal: In addition to my 3 group fitness sessions, add in one zombie run and at least 30 minutes of walking/cycling on the other days. I think if I can manage this (ie. 4x hour long intense exercise + 3x shorter exercise) that will be a maintainable exercise schedule for me!

Europe Trip / Money

Feb goal: Investigate extra forms of income – SORT OF

I’ve signed up for a couple of affiliate programs (but haven’t done anything with them yet), and sent off some sample photography to some friends for some advice and possible assisting work. I have to admit this has been a sort of half-hearted effort though. I think the best bet for me is creating stock templates and graphics, but that involves the kind of time investment that’s difficult when I have lots of client work to deal with (and that pays better).

This month hasn’t been fantastic in terms of saving either, as I had to take a fair chunk out of my savings to pay a bunch of big bills which seemed to come all at once. I’ve been adding in extra lately to make up for it, but things are getting a bit tight!

On the positive side, I’ve been researching the places we want to go, the best route (planning more than 3 months in Europe is super tricky with visas) and how to save money as we go. I know it’s almost a year away, but it’s fun to start planning!

If I remember correctly, this is plan version 3.5 - will probably change again!

New Europe trip / money interim goal: Look into CouchSurfing. I think there’s a meetup in Perth? Here is my not-very-filled-in profile if you’d like to add me.

Improving Photography

Feb goal: Investigate the best and cheapest way to light food photography at home, hopefully without having to buy any new gear – SORT OF

I’m not sure why, but every time The Boy cooks one of his masterpieces I find myself scrambling at the last minute to find props and figure out what to do with lighting.

The Boy's latest: Luke Nguyen's Hanoi style Pho

I think playing around with props and a reflector helps a bit, but I’m still relying heavily on Photoshop. I wish I could just shoot these dishes in natural light! Perhaps I need to invest in a natural light lamp after all?

I’ve been inspired a lot by travel photography lately, and since I’m heading to Singapore in a few days I’m hoping to come back with some great shots. I think the main thing is to be bold and take heaps of photos, even if it means asking a stranger permission.

New photography interim goal: Be fearless; take more photos; observe the little things.

How are you going with your goals?

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  1. Your trip to Europe looks awesome. Don’t forget that another inexpensive option for accommodation is Airbnb (www.airbnb.com). I’ve had great experiences so far – much cheaper than most hotels and a way more personal experience :)

  2. Ooh thanks for the tip Annie! That actually looks like a good option… some of those places are cheaper than it would cost for two of us in a hostel

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